Dijon is the proud historical capital of Burgundy, home of the Dukes of Burgundy.

Dijon has a rich history which goes back to the Romans and is also renowned for its gastronomy and of course its mustard! The town center is beautiful and lively, very good for both shopping and dining: there are a couple of Michelin-starred restaurants but also very good value restaurants especially around” les Halles”.

Dijon is a beautiful mediaeval town with cobblestones and pedestrian streets, timbered houses and has retained a plethora of architectural styles. The “Palais des Ducs et des Etats” is today home to the town hall and the “Musée des beaux arts”. The churches of Saint Bénigne, Notre Dame and St Michel are well worth visiting. The “Musée Magnin” with its Flemish and Italian paintings is very interesting too, being housed in an old, well preserved mansion.

The “Chouette”, the little owl carved onto one of the pillars of Notre Dame Church, has become the emblem of the town. Follow the little gold owls in the pavement around town to discover the 22 main touristic sights of Dijon!

Dijon is also a lively cultural centre and boasts a number of theatres and concert halls: you can rock’n roll at “the Vapeur”, listen to renowned musicians at “the Zenith”, watch plays and dramas at “the theatre de Bourgogne”, and enjoy contemporary art at “the Consortium”.